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Ribs 3 ways...

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This past weekend I wanted to do some ribs.  I didn't know the exact flavor I was looking for, so I did them three different ways. I used some cherry as my smoke wood.



Step 1 - Ribs went on sale


Step 2 - wrapped and ready

The top rack was a cajun butter injected with a cajun spice rub recipe I found somewhere - Good and had a little heat


Middle rack Jeff's rub


Bottom rack - something completely different (aimed at my wife's taste buds, too sweet for my taste)


Step 3 - The remains of the three rubs


Step 4 - Three sauces

Left - Jeff's original

Center - spicy rib sauce to balance the sweet for my wife's ribs - had pineapple juice, but was very spicy

Right - "Cajun" bbq sauce - I found it on YouTube, but it was a little disappointing


Step 5 - Smokin'


Step 6a - Out of the Smoker, ready for wrapping


Step 6b - another rack ready for wrapping


Step 7 - Out of the foil - This was my wife's rack - I used a pineapple/rum baste for the foil juice


Step 8 - Cajun Rack ready for saucing and finishing


Step 9 - chicken pineapple skewers in case the wife didn't like her ribs


Step 10 - Smoked Gouda Mac and Cheese

Not pictured was my Wasabi and peanut cole slaw


Step 11 - Sauce, Finished and Resting


Step 12 - Final Product


Overall it was a good smoke.  I pulled the off the heat at 195F, per Al's suggestion. Not fall off the bone, but that's how I like it. My favorite was by far the one with Jeff's rub and Sauce. The rack I did for my wife I won't do again, but it was worth a shot. The sides were great. 

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Another excellent review for Jeff's rub and sauce. I have done a ton of research and comparisons with rubs and sauces. Jeff's is by far the one for me, my family and friends. I always recommend it to new smokers and I can do so with all of the confidence in the world.

The cook that you did with the various rubs and sauces was an excellent comparison and they each looked awesome. icon14.gif
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Nice job!


Great comparison!


Everything looks delicious!


That final shot of the rib looks perfect!





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Looks fun and delicious.
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