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First Sausages

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First Summer sausage Tasted awesome 




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Them sure look good,,, Nice job


Let us know how you did it....and flavors you got there..


A full smoker is a happy smoker 



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Looks great!
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Summer Sausage was a product of reading here. Thanks to you great people. the italian sausage on the other hand tastes to much like anise. Found a recipe on google and made it to try my abilities of sausage making.. lesson 1. Do not use collagen casings. Should have read that here before I bout them.:icon_rolleyes:

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Welcome to the addiction! We have all made a batch or 7 that we didn't like, but we learned from them and ground on!

Looking forward to more of your creations!
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O 2009, nice looking sausage!

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Nice job on the sausage!


It looks delicious!



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Batch Number 2 was way better than the great first batch of summer sausage. I added cheese in a few and peppers in a few but the flavors were awesome. I cooked them 24hrs at 150 degrees seems well?

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