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Ball Books?

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Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving 100th Anniversary, Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving 37th Edition, The All New Ball Book of Canning and Preserving. Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving, an assortment of Others...So which ONE is the Go To for you guys? I am just getting into Canning and want to learn more from a reputable source...JJ

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I just ordered and received this publication...  pretty awesome...





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Thanks Dave, That looks interesting and packed with info. I plan to start preping a garden this fall for next year. I am kind of discouraged with the selection and quality of what we find in the grocery. I would like to reduce what we buy and grow and store more...JJ

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I think on Amazon, you can take a look at parts of the book....  It has really in depth stuff..  hundreds of recipes...  It is the most in depth, complete assemblage of processing foods of all types I've seen...


Here's the index..  from So Easy to Preserve a cooperative extension the U of Ga....


   ... ....                                                

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Looks packed with valuable info. Thanks again...JJ

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If you decide to do some canning let me know if you have any questions we have canned about anything from venison to jam.
Papa t
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Thank you. Right now I am still doing some research on equipment and procedures. Probably looking at next year before I get started...JJ

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It's been forever since Ive been on here but I seen this and had to throw my 2 cents in. and also have quite a few good recipes and go into complete detail on what to do. The ball canning book is always the best. I've checked on mostly all there recipes and there all the usda approved methods. Just a good hint for you a pressure canner is a must. Best ones I've ever used are the national pressure cooker no.7 I have 4 of them with turkey fryers and have probably jarred around a 1000 jars a year for the last 10 years. Ebay, Amazon, or garage sales if you have time for that are about the only place you can find them.
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