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Congrats on your first cook! The hook is set now!

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Nice! What's going on on the left side of the smoker?
What missing rib? ūüėĀ
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Ribs look tasty,good to hear about the pellets, I thought maybe 1/2 thick steel would be over the top.biggrin.gif
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Nice job-great looking ribs! Enjoy that new smoker!

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That looks great!


I wish i had co-workers like you :-) 

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How did you like the pellet smoker? Was this your first smoker? I have a 40" MES 2nd generation and I'm not impressed with the uneven heat and I am thinking about switching to a pellet smoker or the Weber Smokey Mountain. 

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Great ribs!

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Nice first smoke!
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looks good yummy thumb1.gif

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So what feedback did you get. Looks good from here. Been a few years but I got 3 slabs smoking right now. The Warden bought them. Said she craving ribs. She made the rub lol said she found it on Pinterest whatever that is.
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Wow, thats a load of ribs, they look tasty!

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Jakester, I also have the mes40 and love it for certain things. the temp gauge is notoriously off so a maverick is needed. Ive smoked 4 briscuits at once with excellent results.

 I do enjoy the learning curve on a new smoker. The pellet grill is off to a good start. all I,ve done so far is some ribs and a chicken :)

Here are a few picks of the brisky on the MES. I cut them in half, smoke them in 1/2 sheet trays and no foil.

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What would you say you like better in the mes40
over the pellet smoker?
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That's a tricky question.

The short answer is, If I could only have one, as an all around cook anything, I would have to say the pellet.

If I'm smoking I tend to smoke a large quantity. I haven't done Butts or Brisket yet on the pellet but I can fit a lot on the MES and with the cold smoke attachment I get very smokey excellent results.

So far I like the ribs and chicken better on the pellet and I'm sure steak, burgers and vegetables will be great also.

I'm believe I will like ABT's and large cuts on the MES better.

The pellet is a much milder smoke and that's with the amazin smoke generator.

So for now at least, I like having both...

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