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First run baby backs

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My new pellet pro arrived today. Shipped it to the office for the dock as shipping weight was 302 lbs. Its now assembled and burned in.

I've decided to give it a try at work before I bring it home. the dilemma is that means some Q for 36 guys lol. soooo, 4 ribs each = 12 racks! so be it. I read in the forum about these stainless steel pot lid organizers from Ikea...

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Its going to be a wall of meat! I hope 6 hours is long enough...


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I have the ikea racks as well. Best buy ever. Congrats on the new smoker. Keep in mind the more mass in the smoker, the longer it may take to cook. This rule definitely applies when ribs are close together. Just my opinion. The pros may tell you different.

What temp are you cooking?
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Its a new pellet grill so I was thinking low smoke for an hour then maybe 250... with a dry rub.

Maybe this wasn't such a good idea lol

Planning to start at about 6am and lunch is 12:30. Bringing the thermapen.

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Should have 3/8" between them once racked...

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For my smoker, 5 hrs at 250*F will land you at the right tenderness. Plan accordingly. If you want more fall of the bone try 6 hours. So your 1 hour at 180 + 5 hrs at 250 should be no problem.


With alot of ribs it may take longer especially in a rack and close together. Just food for thought. Personally I give an hour buffer. If they are done early they can always rest an hour in foil with no problems. Again, each smoker, cook, and meat acts different. Thats my 2 cents.

Happy smoking!grilling_smilie.gif
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Good luck!


That's quite a project for your first smoke on a new smoker!



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That's definitely a large order for a brand new smoker.  Really hoping things go well for you guys and of course we're going to need pictures of the finished product!

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Looking good- keep us posted! Nice smoker!

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Went with 6 racks - 12 lol, what was i thinking? ... photo at 90 minutes on low smoke which is running at about 200. rubbed with Jeffs Naked Rib Rub. First mist of apple juice. Gonna bump it up to 270.


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Lookin' good..

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Looking good.icon14.gif

275 is usually 4 hrs.

This is kind of my rule of thumb for baby backs:
200 - 7hrs
225 - 6hrs
250 - 5hrs
275 - 4hrs
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Progress at 4.5 hrs. The pellet pro is rock solid on the temps, I however have been bouncing the temps all over averaging 225.

Now at 275 to finish the ribs and cook the bacon... lunch is in an hour.

Pay no attention to the missing rib!


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I can't believe that shipping weight,must be a quality unit! Lots of ribs there looking forward to the money shot!drool.gif
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Fairly happy with the first cook. That weight included 120 lbs of lumberjack pellets.

They dissapeared like the snow before the sun!


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It looks great
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