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Questions on my brand new MES

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I got mine from Sam's Club-- the 40" MES 2.5 generation Bluetooth complete with legs on wheels. Way bigger than I expected. It says in the install instructions that it takes 25 minutes to assemble. Took me that long to get everything out of the box. LOL probably took me two hours and 25 minutes.
I will have many questions in the near future.
But here are the first three. I have my MES situated ( I can easily move it) on a corner of my patio next to my BGE. The instructions says in capital letters never to operate under any overhead construction and a minimum distance away from overhead construction, walls or rails. There is a lot of ventilation going thru the corner of the patio at that point with a ceiling fan overhead. Do I really need to roll my MES out to the back yard every time I cook?

Question 2.
I'm not sure about how much tension to put on the door mechanism to lock the door shut?
I appreciate any advice. Trying to get in touch with Todd Johnson on what I need next to get the right smoke.
Question 3. Also any more ideas on must have accessories?

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I use mine under a roofed portion of my deck, no problems. They don't put out much smoke and I have plenty of ventilation. If needed, use a fan to blow the smoke outside.
Must haves: a dual probe thermometer, such as a Maverick -Todd sells them too. Amznps, good to see you're already looking into that.
Enjoy your new smoker, it'll turn out some good Q.
Happy smokin, David.
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