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Finally, our first tomatoes of the year......

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Means only one thing....    BLT's.....  The first of August is normal for us to get our first tomatoes and it's a BIG DEAL.....


Bride says....   We need bacon so out to the freezer I go and pull a pack...    Bake in a double pan on a wire rack at 375 convection for 35 minutes...   thick bacon....   Save the grease in a "bacon grease container" in the refer....    Now it's up to Bride to slice the maters and do all the other good stuff.....


I'm just showing this so all you folks that get maters in April and May can humbly thanks the garden gods for your location..







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Nice lookin' luv apples there, Dave!

I've had no luck with tomatoes since moving to Texas. I wait too late to put in plants and the soil temps get too hot and they stop growing. I've been tempted to start seeds in September and plant in October. I never knew that tomatoes stop producing when conditions get too hot until I moved to Texas.
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Nice Dave!


We get our best tomato's in Jan/Feb. down here.



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I go away for a week and when we get back, here's what is waiting for us...yum

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We're still waiting!!! Our garden has been out of whack this year. Worst ever. Not sure what's going on.
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Hey Tomatoes look good, Wish I would have planted some Bacon Plants like you



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BLT's one of my all time favorites!

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Looking good, nothing like your first mater of the seeason.

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You are lucky, Dave. We have just had a couple of cherry tomatoes ripen. It has been so cold around here this summer, I am not hopeful of a good tomato or pepper crop. However, the garlic and potatoes are going great guns.


Enjoy your tomatoes and think of us less fortunate.



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