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Smoked rib eyes with reverse sear and sweetcorn

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Had a hankering for a steak today and always wanted to try the smoked rib eyes with a reverse sear. Found some on sale while shopping this morning. Seasoned with Jeffs Texas rub.


Thru in the smoker at 180-200 with cherry smoke and added some sweetcorn.

Took steaks to an IT of 125 and then on the hot hot grill for a quick sear.


While steaks were in the smoker grilled up some taters, squash, zucchini, onions and peppers.

below is the finished plate without the corn. Should have  cooked the corn longer. It was a little tough.

The steak was amazing. They were in the smoke about 2 hours. 

We will definitely be doing this again.I think it was a better than a $60 aged steak I had before.We only spent $21 on the 2 steaks (about 1 lb each).

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Hey this is a ribeye post I beat Bear to a ribeye post I can't believe it!
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Forgot to mention they look great!
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Those look incredible! Great job.


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Fantastic looking meal!


Everything looks delicious!



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Those rib eyes looked delicious
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Looks great !  I did a cowboy steak same as you did yours . Like you said awesome steak . 

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Thanks everyone for the comments. Its not hard to do. The taste is just amazing.

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That looks great, I really need to try that.points.gif
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They do look incredible! Since learning about the reverse sear a couple years back, I can't imagine doing steaks any other way!
Sorry 'bout the corn. Might've just been tough all on its own. This time of year I swear they toss feed corn on the truck and label it sweet corn.
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These look amazing. I love rib-eyes, I'll have to try the reverse sear technique sometime.

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