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Pork Butt on WSM 18

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Used a nice rub of garlic, onion, paprika, salt, pepper and brown sugar. Left overnight and made some extra for a apple cider mop for foiling later. Put on the smoker at 9 am and planning for a 9 hour smoke with 1 hour in a cooler. Smoking at 225 - 250 with variety of hard woods from left over cabinet projects. I think the IT goal is 200... Any thoughts?




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Don't bother mopping to much if at all. How big is it you may need to turn up the heat and or wrap to get done in your timeline. If there's a bone it will wiggle easily when done and right around 200-205 IT there usally good to go. Good luck!
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Thanks for the reply. Its a 7 lbs butt. I haven't mopped at all so I think the liquid can go into the foil at the 6 hour mark and then have 3 hours of wrapped cooking? Thoughts?

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You're probably looking at 2 hours per pound at those pit temps even with wrapping. That's if you want to get to an IT of 200-205. Also plan on a good 30 minute rest to 1 hour prior to pulling.
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Thanks for that. I think I will wrap it and bring the temp way up (350) for 3.5 hours and then check the IT. Thoughts?

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Cant seem to keep it at 350 but somewhere between 250 and 300 is the best I can maintain.

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Once you wrap you can toss it in your oven if you want.
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So I took it off the smoker after 7 hours and put it on the gas grill foiled with indirect heat. Smoker stayed between 250 and 300 for the most part. Will keep it at 350 for 2 hours then rest for 1 hour. 

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Pulled pork is number 1 with me--probably 1 out of 5 smokes is a butt.



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Finished and it was amazing. Loved it and so did the family! Thanks for the help



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It looks fantastic!


Nice job!



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