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Another Chuckie

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Needed some healthy eats for work this week, so decided to smoke a chuckie, based off how well the last one turned out.

Started with a 3lb Choice Chuckie
Salt, pepper, garlic, woshie sauce
Sat over night.

0830: On the smoker at 240 (hickory)
1200: Sitting at 140 last one stalled about 140 as well.
1500: IT 160, wrapped in foil
1650: IT 205, time to rest
1745: Pulled beefy yum

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Looks like it will be a tasty dinner,do I see snacks in the pan up top?
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Yes..those are dog snacks.
I leave the fatty parts up top in a tray with holes to drip juice and fat down on the semi works well.
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Looks great!


That should make some good BBQ sammies!



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Oh man......looks real good!!!

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