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My 1st overnighter

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Never pulled an overnight smoke before. Wasnt near as bad as I had imagined. Points to Weber for making a smoker that holds temps like a champ.

Basted in maple syrup prior to the rub being applied. 2 7.5 lb shoulders.

Light the fire...let's get to smoking!

As I'm bringing the smoker up to temp, my grill probe takes a dive and displayed LLL! After the panic subsided I attach the meat probe into the BBQ outlet and reposition it. Don't really need the meat temp right away.

My workstation for the stuff I have to cook tomorrow. Luau themed party.
ET-732 has a fairly short range so I proped the display in front of my Wi-Fi Webcam. Now I can lay in bed and watch temp overnight.

Temp held 240 ish all night. Seems to be where it naturally holds at. I don't fight it, I just work with it.
12 hours into the smoke, it starts looking very edible

At just over 15 hours I reach IT 205-207 depending on where I stab it. Wrapped in foil and a blanket they are placed in a cooler. I patiently await several hours to pull and sample .

One I will finish with juices that ran off into a drip pan, the other will be finished with crushed pineapple and fresh jalapeno. Hope I made you juices flow. More pics later as I still have to cook 50 some pineapple chicken kabobs and 30 some pieces of cilantro lime tilapia that will be topped with mango salsa. That free grill came just in time to do some work! Thanks for reading and more thanks to all I've learned from this forum. Chad
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It sure looks great so far Chad!


Good luck!



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Looks tasty! Got to love those tough overnite cooks!biggrin.gif
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Nice smoke!
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Huge hit yesterday....everyone loved the jalapeno and pineapple finish!
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Looks great man! The WSM is great for overnight smokes. I did a end of school luau for my girls a couple years ago. Had a huge F-4 pass a block north of us with twenty pounds of shoulder in the WSM. Temp didn't budge! Some of the best pork I've done. Points to you!!
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Looking good Chad! I would love to see some pics of your Luau party.


Those butts look fantastic.


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Looking like a very successful overnighter.  I like the maple basting idea, sounds like it would be perfect for a luau. Very nice work!



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@redheelerdog here Ya go!

Luau time...the misses and myself

The decor

Food included cilantro lime tilapia with mango salsa x24

Pineapple chicken kabobs x55

End the evening with a nice fire

Good times! Party's are fun, especially when you throw in a theme!
The bartender was a hit also. Specialty drinks: mai tai, blue Hawaiian and tequila sunrise

For some reason I couldn't get a clear shot of the bar.
Anyway...that's the 6th annual luau. We will see what #7 has to offer next year
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That looks amazing!


I seen the maple syrup being elsewhere, what rub did you use on them?

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Great food, great times. Nice!



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Looks great. Looked like a fun party as well.
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