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Rookie smoker

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Hey y'all just picked up a kingsford water smoker and I'm having trouble keeping the temperature up any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong
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Hey, Tater...sorry nobody got to you sooner! Gonna need more info to help you out, though.

What are you burning, for starters? What temperature is she riding at?
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:welcome1:  to SMF!


Glad to have you aboard!



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Tater !!

I have lived this issue with my vertical smoker - and its an easy fix.

Your coals aren't getting enough air - some people will put holes in the existing one, this allows air to get under the coals. The better way is to go to lowes or grocery store and get the vegetable bbq-er. putting your coals in here will give maximum air flow! (see below)      this is a great vid addressing the air flow


Image result for BBQ Skillet

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