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Ground Beef 93/7 NESCO JERKY

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My buddy used to make this years ago...  As I recall it was very good SOOOOO, here I go....





Add 3#'s 93/7 to the KA and 1/3 cup water to the dry goods and mix very thoroughly...



Spray Todd's AMAZING MATZ with some veg. oil so maybe the meat will release easier...

Honestly, I don't know how I got along without these matz..  they make life SOOO  EASY...



Close up of well used MATZ....



Preparing the GB...   2 stiff plastic mats with 2 sheets of parchment between the mats...

Place 1# of GB between the sheets of parchment and smoosh the meat outward then roll with something

to obtain a "uniform" thickness about 1/4" or so.....  the GB should shrink to about 3/16 after the cook... 



Transfer the meat to the MATZ....  I placed the MATZ on top of the flattened GB then flipped it over and peeled

the parchment from the GB...



NO SMOKE is being added....   There is liquid smoke in the dry stuff...


Smoker is sitting at 120 for the initial drying stage....   Oh.... I added the packets of cure per directions.. the packet said nitrite is 0.62%....  That should put the salt at around 2-2.25%....  I should have weighed the stuff in the cure packet to know for sure....   Next time...   Nope, going to weigh a packet now...   It's important to know stuff like that....

Stuff inside the packet weighs.......   12.2 grams.... @ 0.62% nitrite means 0.076 grams of nitrite added per pound of meat...  0.076 /  454  = equals 167 Ppm nitrite in the GB...  and the salt content of the GB mix will be about 2.5%, not knowing what other stuff is in the cure mix like non caking ingredients etc....  close enough.....


When curing meat, it is very important to have a scale that can accurately weigh small amounts such as this....   or spices to get a consistent recipe...  0-100 grams range for about $10 is a very reasonable safety device....


So NOW WE KNOW how much nitrite and salt we just put into our jerky....    I feel better..    2 fingers of a Kentucky Matilda, if you would be so kind....



.. ..


I will use a sharp chef's knife to slice the GB when it comes out of the smoker oven.....


bbl........    Dave



Fairly bland... Needs black pepper and other stuff.....


Good thing I have AC Leggs package to try next....

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Interesting Dave, I never thought of rolling out and slicing afterward. Probably a lot easier than using (and cleaning!) The jerky cannon I have.

I have to try this out soon.
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Dave I tried that years back and found it to be to salty,maybe they changed.Looks good thanks for sharing




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Looks real good from here Dave!



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Interesting idea.  I also never thought of drying it as a large sheet and cutting to shape when done.  Should work just fine!  I may give this a try next time I make the Smoking Gun jerky that I normally make in to rounds (al la Ragweed's method).  Should streamline the process a lot.

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Nice GB jerky Dave, I like things like that, I made a bunch of Curly's ground bacon once and it was great.


Thanks for sharing.


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GBJ looks real good Dave

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Tasty looking jerky Dave! My grandma used to make sheet jerky in her little chief years ago.
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Looks like some mighty fine snacking brother. B


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This looks great and I am sure it will be gone soon despite your comments about blandness! Points for a nice post.



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I've gotta try that!



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