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New to pellet grills/smokers

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Hello from Iowa. I just got back from purchasing a Green Mountain Daniel Boone grill. Not the WIFI version. Dealer and I agree it was not worth the added cost. Got it for $549 plus he threw in a 28lb bag of Texas blend pellets and a $10 pack of various rubs. I have a electric Masterbuilt 30, but was not enjoying it. I tried using a aftermarket pellet smoke generator (AMNPS), but could not get the pellets to stay lit. Also did not like our Nexgrill gas grill. So thought to solve both problems and get a pellet grill. Did not find many negative reviews, so I went for it. I'll read the instructions and get this bad boy going soon. Cheers



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congrats. looking forward to your review. i have a masterbuilt propane smoker and cant keep amnps either. ill be upgrading to a yoder or jen u wine jerry hopefully.
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Congrats on the new smoker!


Looking forward to seeing it in action!



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Welcome to SMF - formerly from NW Iowa.  Lots of good people and ideas here.  


You gonna love pellet smoking.  Had mine for a little over a year and have done so many things with it.  

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