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New member, new build.

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Hey fellas, Jeremy here from Taranaki, New Zealand.
Looking at building my first reverse flow smoker and have just got a CC off a mate which use to be a LPG tank in a car. Without cutting open the CC yet i havent been able to get accurate ID measurements. But using Dave Omak's calculation this is what i have come up with. Any changes or things i have done wrong please let me know. Thanks.

CC- 33x14"
CC Vol.- 5079.96 Cu. In
FB/CC opening- 20.31 Cu. In
Vol. Under RF plate- 20.31 Cu. In
Opening at end of RF plate- 20.31 Cu. In
FB- 1676.38 Cu. In
FB vents- 5 Cu. In
Stack Vol.- 111.73 Cu. In = 2"x36"
Width of RF plate- 11.047 In
Segment height ED- 2.7 In
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Changes I would make to a smoker that small....  And recalculate the RF plate width with the new numbers...





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