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Smoke Vault Rib Rack?

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Hi All,


I'm new here, just ordered a Smoke Vault 24 that's arriving today.  I'm planning to smoke some ribs this weekend and was wondering how necessary the rib racks are.  They are relatively inexpensive on Amazon, but are they really needed for the ribs to come out ok or can I just use the racks that come with it?  My goal is to season it tonight, and tomorrow possibly try a pork loin or something shorter in time so that I'm hopefully not a complete failure when I have a few friends over for the ribs this weekend.




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Rib racks allow you to stand up the racks so that you can fit more ribs on each cooking grate of your smoker. You really don't need them unless you can't fit the amount of ribs you want into your smoker. With the 24" vault you should be able to lay full racks of ribs on the cooking grates no problem. Probably 3-4 racks of baby back ribs per cooking grate. 2-3 racks of spares.

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I rarely used rib racks (even though I have enough for about a dozen or so slabs), unless I was pounding out large volumes and needed the grate space. I like the results better when the ribs lay flat, but the difference is hardly noticeable. Rib racks kind of complicate things when monitoring for pull-back, and especially if you use the bend-test. Also, removal for serving without damaging the bark on your ribs can be a bit more of a challenge...they can at times stick to the rack, or form to the shape of the rack.




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The SV 24 has a ton of room.


No need for rib racks.



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Thanks for the feedback!

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