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Pocono Race Chicken Skewers

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Decided that today would be a good lazy Sunday to relax, watch the Pocono race (if the rain holds off), and smoke up some chicken skewers.

Not many prep pics, but these are chicken thighs wrapped with the bacon I smoked a few weeks ago.

Ran a little short on bacon so just had to put the last few pieces on a Bradley rack

Have the WSM running about as hot as I can get her going - about 290° so the bacon should be pretry crispy.

Pairing these with some pulled pork nachos using the leftovers of yesterday's pork butt and some smoked Velvetta I made up a bit ago.

Stay tuned!
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Now those are some appetizers I could get into!



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Looking good!
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Finished pics of the chicken.

Had an excellent carmalization on the sauce

Forgot pics of the nachos, but here's the chief dishwasher taking care of the crock pot where I had the smoked Velvetta and chopped up bacon ends

Even though the race was rained out, UT was a successful cooking session.
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I've never made thighs...Those look great!! Thanks for sharing.




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I've been really getting into chicken thighs lately.  Not only are they cheaper than breast meat, but I think they taste better.  And... they are a lot more versatile and can handle a lot of different heat ranges.  Get a pack and try them out!

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