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Smoking a Pork Roast

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I saw this on Pit Masters last night and want to give it a try


I make my own rub, thinking of adding cinnamon to the mix and lowering the garlic.  Not committed on the rub yet.  Still in the planning stage.  Might want to make an apple slaw and stuff the roast prior to smoking, again still in the planning stage


Any tips?  What temp, about how long?  Will be putting a tray of water under the meat to keep it moist.


I do not use a real smoker, I have a self modified charcoal grill that has done great so far.


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So for my rub, I am thinking Brown sugar, Cinnamon, garlic, black pepper.  Do a light rub.


Have the roast cut open and rolled out a bit,  take chopped apples marinated in apple brandy over night mixed with some of the rub mix.  Stuff and tie up the roast.


Do you think that will cause the roast to dry out? 

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No need to worry about the roast not being moist unless you over cook it. Pork loins need to be pulled from the smoker when they hit an internal temp of 145.

I smoke with a dry pit and never have meat that is not moist.
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I happy to day that my roast came out great.  Might cook the apples before stuffing in the future.


36 hours soaking in Apple Brandy

My run was simple, brown sugar, garlic powder, cinnamon, and Thyme.

Apple soaked in Apple Brandy , brown sugar, and cinnamon.


Cooked for 4.5 hours, temp was 145.  Meat was perfect, except for by the bone, that was underdone. Not sure how to fix that.  I baked them for 15 minutes after I removed the other meat.







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Looks delicious!


Great job!



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Now that's how to cook a pork roast.  Looks great.  I imagine the apples were still a bit crunchy??



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Nice work unrolling that roast. Looks awesome!

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YEs, still crisp.  Next time I am thinking of cooking them first next time.

Also going boneless, at 4 hours the roast was done, but the bones still raw.

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What temperature did you smoke ot at to get to 145 external in 4.5 hours? I just put my 6lbs. uncured "not a ham" pork in my Masterbuilt and having trouble finding out what temp to cook at for how long?
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Between 250-275. As i mention raw by the bone.
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