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Amount of Brine/Meat

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Using Pops brine, is it safe to just continue adding gallons of the brine without an increase in meat?  Doing an 9 lb belly and Im doubting one gallon will cover it safely.  Thanks.   

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Yep. You'll be good. Honestly though a 9 pound belly should be fine in a gallon, all depends on your container.
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I use 5 gallon pickle buckets, Youll need about 2-2-1/2 gallons,. works for me for the bellies I have are usually around 12-15 lbs cut in 3rds

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Thanks guys. Put it in a 2.5 gallon ziploc by cutting it into 3rds and then in the fruit crisper in the fridge. The meat is touching but is completely submerged. Doo I need to turn it in pops brine or just leave it?
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Won't hurt to turn it.

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