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First beef brisket

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I picked up a 2lb brisket at target the other day and smoked it today. I wrapped it at 160 then took my youngest to Walmart to grab a few things I missed last shopping trip. I end up home an hour later to find the internal temp of the meat was at 215 and I let it rest an hour wrapped in towels in the oven becUse I've ruined all of our coolers (I never dumped and dried them out lol). I end up slicing it and it was still moist, then I tasted it, it tasted like smoked roast beef is that normal?
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Yep. If a Fresh Brisket it tastes like Smoked Roast Beef. Compared to some Beef cuts like Round, I think Brisket has a Beefier flavor. Just curious, is it a Corned Beef Brisket? The meat would be very Pink even when well done and have a slight Hammy flavor...JJ

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Got any photo's?



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No lol we ate it 😣
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I think wrapping it may help add to the roast beefiness,as well as the size/time in the smoke.
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Thank you for the feedback! I think I'm just going to stick with pork. It's easier and tastier lol
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