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To all at SMF

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While going thru some of the threads this morning while drinking my coffee. I was thinking of what someone else said. We here are what you call a close knit family. As a family we get mad sometimes as what is being told to us by our peers or as I call them "our parents". We are what makes this site so good. We respect the other person and thou we might get frustrated. The respect stays intact. As new people join I think they start to feel it to as time goes by. We are lucky to have such good Teachers "Parents" that watch over us showing us what is right and wrong. We should always listen to what they are saying. We are siblings being taught right from wrong so that we in turn may someday carry it on to the next gen. There's so many things going on in our life that sometimes we forget how lucky we are. We have many good Teachers here and at times the frustration leads us the wrong way. What I found growing up in life. It's always better to say I'm sorry and move on. We are human. We are family. We forgive. What we write in here sometimes come across the wrong way. We are a good caring group of people. Just something to think about. As a member I also think as people here as friends.
Rob Z, MI
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Well said, Rob.

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Well said brother! grilling_smilie.gif
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So very well put! icon14.gif

I wish the members of another, unrelated forum page I frequent would adopt Rob's attitude/philosophy.

Makes me glad I'm here!

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Well said. There has been disagreements on the forum, but we all move on and remain friends and respect others point of view.
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Definitely the Smoker's credo, well put :beercheer:

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Very well said.  I do realize, when I read a post, the poster is doing it his/her way, and that is alright.  It may take the finished product to flavour I would eat or make, but I will not dish the person or try to better the way it is done, hey to each their own and lets enjoy this site!

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There's always going to be squabbles--we just have to look past them and move on.



Oh wait........I don't drink anymore.





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Well put, especially about apologizing, I am glad to say that in all of my surfing I have not come across a cross word, or even one implied, I have already met a lot of nice people, they have PM'ed answers and have shown me the same thing you said, Great Bunch of Folks and a really nice Forum, but it is that way because of all those nice caring folks you have in here, do not know what the squabble was and it is none of my business, that is what admin and moderators are for, 
You all keep up the good work, you are doing a fantastic job here, I mean all of you, hope I can melt in with all of you one day, don't want to be in the Woodshed lurk.gif

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Very well said.



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