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Can I slow These Butts Down?

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G'morning folks,


Doing pulled pork for buddies coming into town this evening but may have gotten a little too eager to get things rolling. Last evening I put (2) 8lb butts to the smoke at 7:30 at 230°. During the night it looked like things were going too quickly and I thought I had knocked the temp down but I didn't.


Anyway, box temp is 220° now but the meat is at 160° and I know the stall is yet to come. Ideally I'd like to foil in the cooler around 2:30 or so, or wait until 4:30 (at airport in between). Planning to eat 7-ish. Can I lower temps to 200 for a couple of hours then bump back to 230 or ride it out and just foil in oven til chow time? Don't want to ruin my bark and don't think I want to foil in the cooler much past 6hrs.


Thanks for any advice!


oh - this is my first looong smoke with the AMZPS and it has worked like a champ!

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Yes you can lower the temp down to 200 for a couple of hours. If they get done early I like to put them in a pan with a foil cover & into a 170 degree oven instead of a cooler. I think the bark doesn't get as soft that way. Ideally if you want to eat at 7:00, it would be great if they were at 205 around 6:00 & still in the smoker. A half hour rest on the counter top is all you need before pulling them. Don't forget the finishing sauce. 



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I would keep pushing through. The meat stays hot and ready for pulling for many hours in a cooler.  I've left a couple butts wrapped and in a cooler for 4-5 hours before pulling.....still turned out great.


Then again.....after reading what Al replied that makes a lot of sense too!


What part of SC are you in?  I could be there any time ;)

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Thank you gentleman. I set it back to 200 for the next 2 hrs, then I'll go to 230 and let 'er roll. What shall be shall be!


The finishing sauce and mustard sauce are on the stove top now! Typical smoke for me, I get too anxious to start, stress over the times and temps and then 99.9% of the time things come out just fine - despite of myself, lol.




T - I'm just outside of Charleston and it's HOT!

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Originally Posted by Krooz View Post


T - I'm just outside of Charleston and it's HOT!

At least you get a little ocean breeze (hopefully).  Here in Lexington we get all the heat and humidity, but no breeze.....arm pit of the state. I lived in Goose Creek/Hanahan for about 2 years (Navy Nuke School), so I'm pretty familiar with that area, so I feel your pain.

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I'm on the Cooper River - too far inland to get the sea breeze other than in the afternoon to stimulate thunderstorms but can't even get that now days. This too shall pass!

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