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i went through RTV hell....if your cooking barrel gets over 280, you just melted the RTV in the firebox. And it then gives off a nasty chemical smell. You will have to take it apart and scrape it off. I had my firebox welded up and and then welded to the cooking barrel. It has worked well. And I mean really well. However it lacks keeping even temps. The thin metal is the culprit. I turned it into a gas smoker. It works perfectly for that. My stick burner is the Old Country. It has 3/16 thick metal. Could not be happier.
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Out of curiosity, why no high temp RTV (or other high temp gasket compound) between the firebox and barrel, or lid and barrel?  I haven't personally used it, but have seen many others here and elsewhere use it successfully.

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Yes...if you can, get it all welded. I am lucky, brother-in-law welds so for a big meal of que and beer, he did it all.

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It only goes up to 750 degrees. So if your cook chamber is above 280, there is a good chance your firebox is almost to 800. I put a whole chimney of charcoal in mine and it eventually melted it with chemicals going in the food. If you think you are saving money with this route, You are not. The units from Old Country may cost more but they come welded with thick metal. My OKJ was garbage until I had it welded and a gas unit installed. Now it works fantastic. But yeah....RTV....stay away!!!

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Here are some pics of it





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Id love to be able to get it welded but unfortunately I dont know anyone that could do it and Im not sure I could transport it once the firebox was welded to cc. I understand what your saying about the rtv, but curious as to why some have success with it, seems like its the overwhelming choice to seal the firebox together and then to cc. I seen on another highland mod thread wishicouldplay used grapho-glas between the 2 pieces of the fire box and again between the firebox and cc, said he had good success with it. I looked it up and its safe up to 1000 degrees f, has anyone else tried this method and if so does it have to be glues down or is it self adhesive on the back to hold it in place till its bolted together?

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Do that....It gives you more wiggle room on temps. I just flat out gave up and paid the 50 bucks for the sand blaster, and the 30 bucks for the welding. Tehre are a few that tried the RTV and it failed after time.

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The Walmart by me (Lower Nazareth, PA) has the MES 30 Gen 2 (Stainless Steel door, Bluetooth, stand) for $249 down from $327.

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