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Beware of Cadillac Cookers!!!!

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Horrible, absolutely Horrible experience.  They are great at taking your order and money, but don't expect any contact after your completion date has come and gone.  I finally had to get a lawyer involved and it still was 5 weeks late.  Once I got my smoker, the motor tore off of it's mounts and ruined $700 of meat.  I have owned it 4 months and am on my 4th motor.  Of course Cadillac Cookers won't respond to my emails or calls.  I guess I am on my own.  Please beware!!!!!!  Here is a link to the Better Business Bureau with similar complaints:  http://www.bbb.org/stlouis/business-reviews/cooking-utensils/cadillac-cookers-in-sikeston-mo-310568016/complaints  I am not normally the type to write reviews such as these, but if I can save one person the aggravation and expense that I have been through, it will be worth it.  www,xyzBBQ.com

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Wow, sorry to hear about your experience, Mark.

I'm sure if Cadillac Cookers realizes they have been outed on this forum, they won't be too happy.

I think we have close to 100,000 members.

I hope they make it right with you.



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Thanks, I know.  It goes against my nature to write a post like this, but it is the first time I have felt this abused and helpless.  When you start a new BBQ business, you are totally at the mercy of the people making your cooker.  Conversely, I have heard nothing but good things about LANGE.  If I were to do it all again, I would go with lange and skip the rotisserie.  Rotisserie is fantastic when it is working, but when it is not, you are screwed, as I have been 4 times/

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I ordered and fully paid for a smoker for the nonprofit daily feeding program for which I am the volunteer director. Now NO response to messages left, emails sent, etc.
I am a retired attorney and my next response is not likely to be a letter to the BBB but a criminal complaint of possible theft and/fraud to either the local criminal authorities, Sheriff, State Police and/or any consumer protection agency of that state.
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^^^Be prepared to be informed that what you most likely have is a "civil matter," and that you should pursue it in (small claims?) civil court.

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