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Tilapia tacos

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This is nothing special, but the missus and I are on a (temporary I hope) healthy food path.  We're incorporating fish into our diet, and because it is the cheapest fish at Costco, tilapia is on the menu. I don't really like tilapia that much, but decided to try spicing it up with John Henry's Brisket Rub for the star in fish tacos.  The intense flavors and spice of the rub gave the tilapia exactly what it needed.

Ready to slice into 1-inch pieces



The completed tacos - homemade salsa, cabbage for the crisp green, and Asiago for the cheese



I love street tacos, and will use any excuse to make then out of whatever I have available. I dearly miss smoking my favorite cuts of beef and pork, but to keep the wife happy, I am not complaining at all about this substitute.

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That looks delicious Pete!


We eat a ton of Tilapia here, mostly blackened with Cajun seasoning.


Gonna have to try it in a taco.



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Thanks Al!


We need to try Cajun spice with the fish - sounds really good

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Not a fish fan but they look great! I agree with Al on the Cajun seasoning add enough and you won't even know there's fish!
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Hey Pete!!


I just tripped over this old one, and it looks Mighty Tasty!!  Better late than never!! :drool----:points:


I love Fish, but I usually make it when the non-fish-eater isn't home.


Nice Tacos!!:drool




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