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Salt n Pepper chicken

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Sometimes the simple things makes the wife the happiest....must be true she married me ;-). 
I have tried brining, different rubs, sauces and this is the one she stated she likes the best.  SMH


Costco packaged wings/legs and drumsticks.


Rinse/ pat dry


Place in gallon zip lock add a splooge of olive oil and grind in some black pepper and sprinkle over some sea salt.


Massage to get an even coat and place in basket


Throw some apple chips in the smoker tray and let it rip


Have all 3 burners going on the grill and try to maintain a 350-375 degree range and pull when the drumsticks were about  165-170 with the quick temp read probe.  


It had the flavor she was after and crispy skin that she wanted .. I have to agree it was pretty good.






Thanks for viewing !

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Looks great! Points! I prefer to use the KISS method for smokes. Keep It Simple Smoker!
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Nice looking Bird ---   Points !



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Great job Ben!


Everything looks delicious!



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Thank you for the responses and kind words!

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I'm with you simple S&P is the best!   I use a rub SPG often but that only adds garlic to the mix...nice sized flakes of everything.


The food looks great!

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Ben That looks great,I love that basket Thanks for sharring Keep spinning Points heading at ya




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Originally Posted by tropics View Post

Ben That looks great,I love that basket Thanks for sharring Keep spinning Points heading at ya




This is the stainless basket I have if you/anybody was wondering
Fire Magic 3618 Rotisserie Basket Flat Stainless

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Hello. Looks GREAT Ben.  I'm with you guys.  The wife and I prefer just S&P on most smokes and then let the meat and smoke speak for itself.  I tried to get a bit "fancy" at the smokers weekend so I used a rub on my leg quarters.  The wife's response was " well, it wasn't horrible".  :icon_eek:  Keep Smokin!


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Looks awesome!!drool.gif
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Looks tasty!  Drums are my favorite part of the bird



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I tried your approach, but with rock cornish game hen halves in the oven - as said here, let the meat speak for itself. For a twist, I put a sprig of sage from the garden under the bird halves. They worked out well.

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Simple is always the best in my opinion. There's a local restaurant with a wood pizza oven. They make some of the best wings I've ever had. They're just sea salt, black pepper, and rosemary. Tossed up and cooked in the pizza oven. They get smoky and crispy real fast, and like frying, the skin flash cooks so all the juices stay inside. Can't beat them!!!

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Here's another angle on simplicity, in the world of hot sauces. I know some guys who manufacture elaborate sauces with complicated spice packages and pepper mixtures. Others just make a puree of one kind of pepper, vinegar and salt. It's like a single-malt vs. a blended whiskey.

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I agree. My wife always wants to stack the spices on our steaks. I marinate them in a simple olive oil sea salt and cracked pepper mixture. You just cant go wrong.
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