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Newbie from Manitoba Canada

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I won a Broil King upright smoker at an auction - which was only by chance as I wrote my bid on the wrong sheet.  I'm not new to the grill, but smoking is something totally foreign to me!  

I think I'm in trouble though - it took me an hour to get my charcoal to actually turn white just so I could season the smoker, and I think the temperature topped out at 230.  

I am determined to master this craft though!  smoked meat is amazing when done correctly, and I want to be the one in the area to do just that!

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Welcome to SMF and congrats on the auction win!


Do yourself a favor and spend $15 on a chimney starter and sit back and watch those coals be red hot in 10 minutes. 


Also, get familiar with the Minion Method of starting your fire, if you haven't already.


Good luck!

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:welcome1:  to SMF!


Glad to have you aboard!



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