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My first smoke

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So after lots of research, reading all of the awesome threads here I finall embarked on my first smoke yesterday. A 4.5lb rack of pork spare ribs.
Got the fire going, got it up to temp, and put the ribs on. After checking it a few times and adding more charcoal it went downhill. It wouldn't stay at temp, no matter how hard I tried, and the smoke coming out constantly smelled like camp fire. Then I started panicking lol
The temp kept dropping and I couldn't get it to stay constant and I thought I was ruining it. I was honestly freaking out. But I left it going and after all they ended up being really really tasty!

They really turned out good after some panicking, and I was pretty excited to see a nice smoke ring!
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Nice first smoke!

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Looks like a success, congrats!! :drool

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Great job!


I wish my first smoke went that well!



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Nice job....the ribs look delicious!!

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Looks like you nailed it from here! Soon, the panic will become more like; " temps dropping again, I'll finish my beverage and then go tweak it a bit".

A constant temp isn't required, just stay in a range and you'll be fine. On my stick burners, I'm happy between 210 and 250.

Keep it up!
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Darn good looking critter parts you've got there!  Congrats!




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Great job!


I can see that you are using a Char-Griller. Does yours have a side fire box or are you banking coals on one side and cooking on the other. Those grills leak like sieves and can be very difficult to maintain temps. There are a ton of modifications (mods) that can be done to that unit to really make it a good smoker.. Stick with it, it only gets better.

As always, welcome to the SMF!!



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