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Small brisket had to be used up

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So I had what was left of a brisket in my freezer that I had to cook up as I didn't want such nice pc going to waste due to freezer burn.
I fell short of my rule to take lots of pics for everyone. Busy doing work on my 98 burb and preparing my MES for the long haul.
So this was the start of it in the smoker. The cut is mostly the tip end.

With all of the extra fat at the end I didnt cover it at 180 like I normally would do.
Pulled it out whe it hit 200.

Let it sit a while to rest before slicing it.

To go along with it I had some cod I needed to use before it expires so I baked it in the oven using original Mrs Dash,old bay, cilantro and lemon.

Well here's my plate. I took the end piece. Put some BBQ sauce on it. Some pasta salad and the baked potato. Dinner was good. The high fat content kept it moist. I'm not a person who eats the fat so I just remove it as I eat. Tend to go at it with my fingers pulling the meat out of it.
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That's a Sunday surf and turf!  Nice


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Nice job!


Looks delicious!



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