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Pork jerky

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Hey guys!

So I attempted to make some pork jerky this morning. Texture and color are spot on. Flavor is pretty good as well. Only issue I have is its kind of salty. And by kinda, I mean real salty on some peices. I did a 24 hr brine with TQ, onion and garlic powder, apple juice, paprika, brown sugar and hot pepper flakes.

I followed TQ instructions of 1 cup TQ and 4 cups cold water (apple juice)

Any way to cut back on the saltiness next time


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Don't use TQ! Use cute #1.

Give this a try. I use this marinade on beef and pork jerky. It's great!
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I have not used TQ for Jerky. I notice that they suggest, for a dry rub, using one tablespoon per one pound of meat and curing for one hour. Your 24 hour method would certainly cure the meat. Did you rinse the meat before drying ?

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