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I am ready to try my second adventure in smoking tomorrow.  My Masterbuilt Bullet came with a pan for water.  Is it always advisable to put water in the pan when smoking? Also, how do I start a new thread when not in "Roll Call"?  Or do I always use that as a starting place?

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Hello and Welcome to you. You don't always need the water in the pan. Starting a new thread is just going to the place where your thread fits in best. Such as,Pork or beef and right at the top you'll see the option, Start a new thread, push that and you're in. Have fun and remember pictures are good things. Ed
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Welcome to the forum John. GearJammer set you straight.  In fact I very seldom put water in the drip pan of my MES. b

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Welcome aboard!


Probably half use water & half don't.


Just don't leave the pan out.



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I saw the title to this thread and thought someone from Texas was sharing a new recipe.xrocker.gif
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