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Price check BGES

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My neighbor has a like new, one time used, Brinkmann Gourmet electric smoker for sale. He's asking $100 bucks.. I just checked Ebay and you can get one for $169.00

I personally am not into electric smokers but I can't pass a good deal either.

Can this be used with charcoal only?

Would it be comparable to a WSM if used with charcoal?

I have a UDS but I'm thinking this might be good for a smaller smoke..



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My two cents just buy or build your own WSM/mini. Start looking on CL or stores may close out the floor models soon as well.
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Go with what b-one stated. If your not in to electric smokers. Getting that will only bum you out later for buying it. Go with what YOU like. Building one sounds fun. You always appreciate what you build from your own hands.
Rob, MI
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I agree with the above.


Since you have already built a UDS, then building a mini should be a piece of cake!



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Another build?? Ugh.

I still have to put the finishing touches on my 60 gal. RF build I just did. Sure would be nice to have a smaller smoker though.

I'll keep my eyes open for materials..



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