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Master built elite 44"

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I am having a very hard time getting it to smoke. Please help!
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What have you done? Temps high enough. You want to be at least 200 to get the chips to start smoking. Don't soak them as it will take even longer to start burning.
Open the vent all the way.
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Need more info & a photo would be good too.



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Temps are high enough. Only way to get it to smoke properly is the brace the cover open on the chip pan. Chips burnt to complete ash this way. If I put it in just normal I get hardly any smoke and chips don't burn up. So confused.
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Don't let it get to you. Can you give more info. Is your vent open all the way to let the smoke escape? Not to sure of that unit. Best answer. Try leaving the bearcarver a email. He has many MES units. He might be able to a help you more. He's a good guy.
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