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Smoked Chicken Legs

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Seasoned up a few lbs of chicken legs with some Montreal chicken seasoning, and threw them on the smoker. Finished them off with some Trader Joe's Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce. I did them on my WSM without the water bowl. Lit about a 2/3 full chimney of charcoal an put a few chunks of apple on. Man, these guys were absolutely delicious. I mean, I though they were going be good, but wow, perfect bite through skin, great smoke flavor, and the family loved them!! Next time I will take more pictures!!
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Nice looking chicken! I really like smoking big stuffed burgers without the water bowl as well.

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Those look amazing!! I've never stuffed a burger. What did you put in those bad boys??
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Just sautéed mushrooms and bacon. They take awhile to cook but taste great. We use a Stufz burger stuffer they work great!
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Your legs look fantastic!


Did I just say that to a man?


Seriously, they look perfectly cooked!


Nice job!



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Tasty looking legs! I smoke everything in my WSM's without the water pan!
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Thanks guys, much appreciate!! I'm going to have to get one in those burger stuffers and give that a try!!
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Nice drumsticks brother! B

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