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Haven't made this yet, but the video is hillarious and it looks like it might be interesting to try, course anything with bacon is good in my book! :36:




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I tried something similar, not good in my book. The meat was mushy. From what I read the pineapple will do that.

Might give it another shot. Wife liked it.
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Interesting, thanks for posting. I would have taken the time to remove the Eyes. A Tomato Corer, small Mellon Baller or a Paring Knife makes quick work of it and the fruit would be edible. I am thinking Boneless Ham would work better, an age old combination, and the cooking would be shorter, IT of 140 and rest, so less time for the Pineapple Enzymes to make the meat mushy. Some Char Siu Pork Loin or Tenderlion, Pre-Smoked to 110-120, then stuff the pineapple and finish to 140, would accomplish the same. Zero Safety issues if handled with care...JJ

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Yeah - I was thinking the same thing - about pre-smoking the meat. I don't think you would get much smoke flavor on the meat if you don't pre-smoke it a bit.

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Neat idea, would be a fun BBQ party trick. :grilling_smilie:


Would try it stuffed with some precooked and smoked unsliced CB and just smoke until the bacon is done

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