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First UDS dinner

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Last week I built my first UDS. I took it over to a buddy's house to paint it yellow on the bottom fading to orange than fading into red. I ended up with a custom flame and pinstriped smoker. Its the coolest looking smoker I could have asked for.

Two nights ago I built a fire in the drum to season it up inside. Tonight I smoked a whole chicken and baked beans in my UDS. This is the first time I've ever used any type of smoker other than using my Weber Kettle Grill to smoke up something for dinner. The temperature held fairly steady throughout the entire smoke except for once it got up to 275 degrees. Most of the smoking was done at between 225 to 240 degrees. Tonights dinner was amazing. I can't wait to do some ribs in it tomorrow. I'm very pleased with my new smoker.

Ken P.
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Looks pretty good! Enjoy your UDS.
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That's an awesome looking UDS!


I can see why you  like it.



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Great looking smoker and meal!
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Thanks fellas I smoked up some ribs yesterday and they turned out great.

Ken P.
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Nice looking UDS and tasty looking food!drool.gif
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Thats a cool looking unit you made yourself there. Have fun playing with your new toy.
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NICE LOOKING UDS Ken. Great paint job. Enjoy.

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