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Smokin surprise.

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My daughter requested PP for saturday supper at the cabin. I only have a weber propane grill there so i decided to smoke a 7lb butt last night and reheat in a slow cooker on saturday. I put it on at 9pm at 225* thinking it would likely reach 205* early this afternoon and my wife would be there to take it out and it could rest till i got home from work and then pull it. I had the maverick in the smoker to be sure of the cabinet temp and then at 11 i stuck it in the butt IT was 118* and then went to bed. I woke up to the maverick alarm about 6am it was set for 198. probed it a few places and it was like butter. Checked the cabinet temp again with the mav and to my surprise it was 260*. So i took it out and foiled it wrapped it in some old beach towells and stuck it in the oven. I made a variation of chef jj's finishing sauce. I used some home made choke cherry syrop instead of corn syrop. Ill pull it and dress it with saucr when i get home and post a couple more pics. A couple small pieces fell off for sampleing when i foiled it. Nice flaver and a surprising amount of bark.
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Looks tasty and will be great to have leftovers as well!
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Looks good. The Choke Cherry Syrup sounds like a tasty way to go. At 260+/- 1.5 Hours per Lb would be accurate and pretty much what you got. Hope the Little Lady enjoys your work...JJ

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Looks real good!



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Thanks guys. When i got home my wife had already pulled it and sauced it. Sorry no pics. She needed the oven for a chicken pie for dinner. Anyway im very happy with the PP and a lesson learned for me. I may go with the higher temp and no wrap more often.
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Looks tasty! The last several years I've been smoking pork butt at higher temps, 285-325. Same great pork, lot less time. I've never foiled so always great bark.
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Nice looking butt.



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