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Fattie question

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For folks that have done a bacon weave fattie using hamburger, do they stay together after cooking well enough to slice thin (maybe inch to inch and half thick) to place on a burger bun, just curious.  Seems like they would fall apart, so I don't know because I have never made or eaten a fattie, but looks interesting.  Not sure if what I am asking is even the proper way to eat a fattie.  I guess if I want it on bun to just make a beer can burger, but just thinking I could probably get six or so burgers out of a fattie and take up way less room in the smoker then making six or so BC burgers, leaving much more room for stuff like mac&cheese, corn etc..or even some ribs.

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They are delicious on a bun.


I have always used breakfast sausage, but I'm sure 80/20 or 70/30 beef would work too.


Here's some I did a while back.


Hope this helps!



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I don't have any problem slicing mine.  Should make a great burger.



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If you are worried about it falling apart, add some bread crumbs and a couple of eggs to the meat mixture. That will keep it together.

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Haven't thought of burgers from a fatty, I like it.

I use potato flakes as needed instead of bread crumbs for my burgers. The flakes pull in just the right amount of moisture and really bond the meat well with minimal shrinkage.

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