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Oklahoma Joe Mod + Fuel Source

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Hey all!


I am looking to purchase and mod (thanks to this awesome forum) my first offset smoker. I decided that the Oklahoma Joe Highland seems to fit what I want and is a solid choice based on what I read on this forum. I plan to do the general mods (heat plate, gaskets, lower stack, coal box, etc) but had a more general question about the offset fuel source and heat management. It appears a big population of offset users have wood as their source. of heat and indicate that large splits of wood are what are needed to keep temp in offsets. I generally use lump / general charcoal and have access to chunks of wood but where I am located in the US is not easy to get actual splits or logs of fruit wood. Does anyone use offsets without using these larger wood splits as a heat source? I do not want to have major temp issues due to the fact I am not able to use large splits of wood to get the temp cranking. I can get oak if that works.


any advice or guidance on this question? Thanks in advance! 

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I use charcoal in my OK Joe,and wood chunks. Works out good
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Read the posts in "Going propane in my Oklahoma Joe". As fun as smoking with just wood is, the results have only been better using this $80 kit.
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