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Orange Flame & Black Soot

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My old gas cooker died after a good 10 years outdoor here in Central Thailand. Can't remember the brand name but it was built in Australia and sold here. I salvaged the top and then built brick around it.  Had 3 steel pipe burners made, new regulator and good gas.



But here is where the problem lies. Plenty of orange flame and black soot.



Suggestions welcome. And yes I do know that I have no idea on what I am doing..

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Looks like you do not have enough air going to it. Looks like it's all gas. You need some way to pull air into the burners before u get to the gas and some way to regalate I the air to gas mixter. Look at a store bought grill if you can find one to see how they done it most have a disk were the gas line hooks to the burner with holes in it you just open or close the holes by turning the disk until you get a nice blue flame Good luck
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Like Hank said you need to get air into the burner tubes. You want a blue flame and the soot will go away

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Thanks for the input and now I have to figure out how to get air.

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Been a long time since I did a DIY pipe burner, but I found this that looks like it might be something that could be adapted to your rig.


Would be better if you could find a way to selectively block air holes partially until you get the flame you are after.

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Thanks for the excellent suggestions. So I have built an air flow valve and a small blue flame is starting to appear. SlySmoker showed gas pipe reducers, sounds like my next step.



A closer look.


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I have been told that patience is a virtue. Who cares, I just want my BBQ grill to work. Still have orange flames and very little blue flames. Here is my new setup.



I added air flow adjustable valves for all three burners.





Yes, some of the burners are plugged up with paint and I will fix that. However, that is not the main problem. Which is not enough air. Any suggestions?

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