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Need some help

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Some I've done a few Butts now and I'm just not satisfied with the taste , I've done seasoning the night before and left wrapped over night , I've done seasonin it 4 hours before the smoke. I've tried 2 different types of seasoning. Any suggestions to help bumb the flavor would be very much needed. I have also used both hickory and peacon wood . I'm still learning my way around a smoker.
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Seasoning with what? Not enough Smoke flavor? You want it Sweet, Salty, Spicy/Hotter, Tangy? What is the flavor of the Local Q like? What are you looking for? There are hundreds of Rubs. Finishing Sauces and BBQ sauces from Thick & Sweet to Thin & Tangy. There are Tomato based, Vinegar Based, Mustard Based Sauces and that is just Carolina Style Q. There is Kansas City Style, Memphis Style, St Louis Style, and all the variations across the country. Seems like a lot to ask, but some more detail and we can help you make Magic!...JJ

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Like the meat was just kinda Blane . I've used the normal pork rub from the store as well as abother rub I bought from the turned out with a good smoke taste . I usually don't sauce the butt.I live in Arkansas and most BBQ around isn't that great either unless you go to Memphis or st louis.when I do ribs I do the dry rub style .
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Lately I have been injecting my butts with Creole butter.

It gives them a real good flavor.

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If you don't already have them, I would suggest that you order Jeff's book and the recipes for Jeff's rub and sauce. The rub is excellent on pork and is also very user friendly. You can tweak it to your personal taste. As for the book, it has recipes and tips to make your smoking journey easier. It will assist you in working through some of Chef JJ's questions.

Good luck and good smokin', Joe.
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First off, most store bought rubs are pretty salty, and are often lacking any flavor. Do a search on Rubs. There are many easy recipes with common ingredients and as Joe posted Jeff's recipes are popular. Also search Pork Butt and compare what you are doing to others. You said you like Memphis Style Ribs. Try smoking your Pork, pull it and season to taste with additional Rub of choice. You can also mix Rub with some 3/4C Apple Juice and 1/4C Apple Cider Vinegar, add some Brown Sugar if too tart. The sweet and sour liquid will wake up the spices in the rub and the whole deal adds moisture and enhances the Pork flavor...JJ

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Thanks guys for the tips , I'm doing more research to find what I'm doing wrong and try to improve with each smoke
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