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Treager Pro22 Series

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Just bought the Traeger Pro22 and I am now a believer! Used a propane Smokey Mountain vertical smoker forever and as most know the baby sitting that has to be done with those is at times a pain! I like the fact you pour pellets into hopper, set the Temp, and forget it. This Traeger has 2 built in temp probes and it, thus far, has been simple to operate.

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I have the same model and love it.

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I just got the Lonestar elite 525. Just got it put together and am going to do the clean and prep on it. Whay are the best pellets for this smoker? I've read about some 100% wood pellets that others have used on their traeger
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For the price I like the Pit Boss pellets quite a bit. The CookinPellets you can buy on Amazon are great too but twice as much $
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