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First time bbqing

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Hey guys,
I've been grilling for years already but I was scared of smoking meat. I cook out at least 3 times a week and being from south Texas I usually grill split chicken, fajitas, and beef ribs. You know Mexican style cook outs. Down here not many people smoke meat. I pretty much dont know any one that does. When I say south Texas I don't mean san Antonio or corpus, i mean border town with Mexico south Texas. So like i said it was something new for me and scary. I finally decided to buy a smoker and give it a try. And boy was every one impressed. Everyone loved it but like i said maybe it was just that it was something new to them. So i want to share a couple of pics with you guys so you can tell me what you think of my first time smoking meat.

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welcome1.gif to the forum.

Glad to have you aboard!

That's some good looking Q your putting out there!

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Looks great!!welcome1.gif
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Delicious lookin que!!! Welcome!

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Wow thank you all.
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Looks like you are doing real well for your first time!
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That's some high quality que right there
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Happy Smoking and :welcome1:.

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Looks like your first time was a big success!!! That's some good looking bbq. You're hooked now, so just sit back & enjoy the smoke.

Welcome to the forum.

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