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OK Joe History

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Hello Fellow Cue Masters!



I'm a new guy. I'm a big fan of Central TX style Barbecue. Therefore, in search of an off set smoker. I'm not completely new to BBQ. I've had a medium sized BGE for a few years now but want to go all wood.



I've been cruising Craigslist and Offerup looking for used smokers. I can't spend too much but want to make sure I get at least 3/16" steel. The rest I can mod myself I'd think.


The common smoker I've seen is the OK Joe's. So I have questions.



I have heard that they were originally really nice smokers but eventually at some point decreased significantly in quality when they started hitting big box stores like W-M and Academy. Can anyone verify this information? And if this is true, when did that occur andare there telling features to know the difference. (I'm not sure If I will be able to "eye" the thickness of the steel)


Thanks for all your help and looking forward to learning more!

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The last of the 1/4" smokers was around 1998 when they got sold to Char broil. 2001 is when they really started making them lighter.
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