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Introduction and Smoking Pictures

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Hello everyone!


Let me first start by saying thank you! This forum has been a wealth of knowledge that I am trying to soak up. Though this is my first time posting, I have be cruising through the messages boards for close to a year. About 2 months ago I finally broke down and bought and Traeger. I am thoroughly enjoying it and see the pro's and con's that people have been referring to. All and all, I am happy with my purchases. 


Thanks to my parents down in Jacksonville, I was able to talk them in to signing up for a Restaurant Depot account. I cruised over to my local Atlanta store and was pleasantly surprised! I wish I would of known I was going to be walking into a refrigerated warehouse and spending an hour drooling over the selections. Needless to say, shorts, flip flops and a T-shirt are not the proper attire to wear in there :) 


I want to do a brisket, but I wanted to work my way up before ruining a $40 piece of meet. I cam upon a "Beef Coulttes" which, at the time, seemed like the flat of a brisket. When I got home I realized I was mistaken but figured I would give it a try anyways. For $2.49/lbs I was ok with trying it out.



My taste buds are pretty easy to please when it comes to beef. I did a simple SP rub with a mustard binder. Trimming the fat was very similar to brisket (from what I have seen) and I enjoyed doing it! This is the coulttes (I think its actually coulotte*) rubbed up then thrown on the smoker. I put the Traeger on the smoke setting for 3 hours, then kicked it up to 225 until I got to 160. After 160 I poured on some Parkay and wrapped her in foil until she reached 190. After that she sat on the counter for 45 min and I carved in to her. 


While the coulotte was on the grill, I rubbed up two slabs of ribs - one with a mustard binder and one with a Tabasco Sriracha binder. I didn't notice a difference but for you sriracha lovers out there, you have to try the Tabasco brand if you can find it! The rub I used for both was the Bad Byrons Butt Rub (its ok). 



As you can see, the coulotte is looking pretty good. I was kind of worried that it wasn't going to be moist. From the pictures, you can tell it looked kind of dry but I pushed forward. For my spray, I used Sailor Jerry's (yum!), vinegar and water. I believe I wrapped her after this picture and finished everything off. 


The final product was pretty surprising. I will take any comments that y'all can give me in regards to this meat. It was plenty juicy, flavorful and delicious. I sliced half of it thinly, then cubed the other half for some burnt ends. Sadly I didn't get to eat too much of them due to my wife DEMOLISHING them! I guess as long as I can keep her taste buds happy she will allow me to buy meat haha. 





The ribs were meh. To be honest, I am not a huge rib guy. I figured I needed a backup in case the beef sucked, but thankfully it didn't. That's my introduction, back into the darkness I go. If the brisket smoke goes well, I might do a write up since there's not many of those on here ;)


Thanks guys and gals!

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It sure looks good from here!

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Thank you sir! The leftovers for lunch today weren't bad either :icon_biggrin:

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Tasty smoke! Welcome!
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Here's a good read that every new brisket smoker should look at:

By the way if you use the search feature here you'll find that there are 891 pages of brisket smokes. In my books that's quite a few!
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I was being facetious when I said that, but thank you sir! Checking out your link now!

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