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hail from middle tennessee

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Hi yall,

I am jojo from Middle Tennessee, I've been lurking around here long enough so I will join in on the fun.


I started smoking up middle Tennessee quite a few years ago with a homemade job, and progressed my way through a few brinkmanns till I got a MES a couple years ago. I have plans for a brick and mortar, me thinks this will help refine my craft.  Pork and turkey is all I have ever smoked but I want to break into beef so I may need some help from you all.


I want to say this is a fine forum with a fantastic membership, never have I seen a more courteous assembly united in a common goal to convert livestock into delicacy.  Thanks to all of you.

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Welcome to the Forum Smokinjojo!

Let everyone know when you are ready to break your beef cherry!  There are tons of people on here that can provide you with advice and ways to keep the smoke rolling in Tennessee.


Smoke ON!

- Jason

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Hey Jojo!


:welcome1:  to SMF!


Glad to have you with us!



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Welcome jojo! You are at the right place to expand your horizons! More smoking recipes here than you'll find anywhere, and a ton of nice folks to help out if you need it. Happy smokin', David.

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