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Smoked S'mores

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Good Morning All,


Yesterday after smoking a couple Pork Tenderloins, we decided to make up some s'mores while the smoker was still hot.


Pretty simple, I lined a cast iron skillet with foil (did not want to clean marshmallow from the skillet).


Layered graham crackers, marshmallow, chocolate chips and on a couple some peanut butter.

Tossed it in the smoker for 20 minutes and what a delight!




Smoke ON!



- Jason




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I'll bet they were good.
Sure look fine to me.

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They were good, the smoke added quite a bit of flavor, I was surprised to find that when you make them over an open fire you do not get much smoke flavor.  BTW I used Cherrywood.


Smoke ON!


- Jason

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Hey Jason,


That's a great idea!


Never thought of smoking them!



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Looks great, nice job on those smores! Thanks for posting, David.

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Man that looks great,,, Nice job,, I will have to give them a try =POINTS


A full smoker is a happy smoker 



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Brilliant. Simply brilliant.





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MB, they sound delicious !

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That is GREAT idea!! We love s'mores! Thanks!!

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I am going to have to try that!
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Looks great,never heard of peanut butter in s'mores could be interesting!icon14.gif
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