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Baby backs and chook thighs

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We tried out the new to us MES today and I must say that I'm impressed with how it cooks. The temperature setting is off quite a bit, but with my calibrated external probe thermo, I was able to dial it in perfectly.

Since #2 son is in town from school, we invited the inlaws over for a visit and a meal.

The chicken thighs were slathered with olive oil and then seasoned with a seasoning mix we buy from a local restaurant. After seasoning, we rolled them tight and stuck them on the smoker.

While the thighs were cooking, we started on the baby backs. Pulled the membrane, slathered with yellow mustard, seasoned with my pork rub, and then into the smoke. I spritzed the ribs every hour with my special mix and then foiled after 3 hours.

The thighs got ready early, which me and the boy had planned so we could sample a bit! drool.gif

Then after 5.5 hours, the ribs were ready to hit the table!

We also made a big pot of pinto beans and some mashed taters, but I failed to get shots of them and I missed the opportunity to get any plated shots. But everyone seemed to enjoy! The BBQ sauce I put on the table was never touched, that's a compliment to the cook for sure!

I also played with my Tappecue for the first time today. To make it short, I have 2 favorite new toys that work REALLY well together!

I put 2 more packages of thighs into a bucket of Pop's brine and will be cooking those later in the week!
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Great looking smoke! Points!!
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Looks tasty CB ! icon14.gif
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That's some darn nice Q comin out of that ol MES!




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Good stuff Charlie!


You really put that MES to work right off the bat!





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Looks great...keep up the good smoking!

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Tasty looking smoke!icon14.gif
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