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Smoked thighs

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Hello everyone I have been super busy and haven't had a lot of time to hang here with you all. I'm hoping that changes soon. Here are some thighs I threw in quick this afternoon. Smoked at 275*-300* with some hickory chunks. They were fantastic. Enjoy the pics.

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Looks real tasty ! icon14.gif
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Looks good


Chook quarters are perfect summer food!

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Tasty looking meal!
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They look really good!

Posts of smokes like this show that you don't have to plan all week to make a meal and that the smoker can be used impromptu and get some grub on the plate..

I'll light coals at "the drop of a match" when I don't have time to bake, braise. etc...

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They look delicious!


Thighs are my favorite part of a chicken.


Well next to wings anyway!



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Looks like they turned out pretty good!
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Looking Good, love thighs.

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