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Gonna try smoking an eye roast.

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Hey everyone! I hope you're all well today. I have a 2.5lb eye roast that I injected last night with a broth/seasoning/melted butter blend. Chilled overnight and this am I'll dry rub and later on throw in the smoker. Since the long grain and leanness of the meat resemble a brisket, I plan to treat it similar. It's a test exercise, lol.

I'll post some pics in a bit when I get it started. Not sure what I want to smoke over... On hand I have mesquite, hickory, pecan, cherry, apple, peach and can scare up some maple and possibly oak. Any suggestions?


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Eye roast is very lean I suggest med rare medium max, pecan and cherry mixture are my fave for smoking!
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Yep As mentioned don't overlook it or you'll have shoe leather. I also vote for cherry/pecan or cherry/kiawe. These roasts also don't take long so for more smoke I try and keep the smoker running around 180-200. We like our roasts medium rare and usually take the roast to 130-135 IT. Make sure and rest the roast 30-45 minutes foiled before slicing.

I'd also recommend making a batch of this:
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Rubbed and ready... then after about an hour or so on pecan and cherry, since those were suggested and I had on hand :)

Since I have little control over pit temp on this thing (is why I wanna build my own) it ran a little high at 280° but dropped to about 230° after a half hr or so... Took the temp to about 125-130° then foil wrapped to finish up to 155°.

It's resting in the cooler now. I'll keep y'all posted with the results. Hoping the injection helped with tenderness and flavor, not too concerned with it being a little tough because I'll cut it thin across the grain and make some gravy to have with.

Sides I did foil wrapped baked taters which have been slow roasting all day in with the meat, and we'll prolly just have green beans cuz I'm beat lol.

Fingers crossed!!

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Well how did it turn out?



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